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For over 30 years, residential home builders in Fort Worth and Dallas applied acoustic ceiling texture commonly referred to as “POPCORN“. Many builders actually touted it as an upgrade and a way to reduce echoes. What it really did was cover up poor workmanship, i.e. poor drywall installation and the taping of seams on the ceiling.

As these homes age, the “popcorn” ceilings take on a dull yellowish brown appearance. The reason for that appearance is “popcorn” is a porous surface that absorbs airborne pollutants that can only be eradicated by removal. Painting is not the solution; as it can only cover up the dulled appearance of the popcorn itself and does little to change the overall aesthetics of the room.

Benefits of Popcorn Removal

Whether you are buying or selling a home removing the popcorn ceiling instantly updates and adds value to your home or realestate investment project. Some of the key benefits are increased natural light and reduced allergens, along with the visual appeal of custom ceiling textures!

About FortWorthPopcornRemoval.com

Locally owned and operated by Kevin Ross, Westland Acoustics is dedicated to providing you honest guaranteed work while saving you money and minimizing disruption to your home. We have been providing popcorn removal service for over 10 years and our commitment to our customers is unparalleled. Most jobs can be completed in two days with paint. Quality professional workmanship is what you can expect from Westland Acoustics.

We also professionally install drywall, tape and finish, texture, and paint interiors.  Everything you need to update a room or finish out a home addition is provided in house, we truly are your one-stop-shop for refreshing and refinishing your ceilings and walls. Give us a call today for a free quote.

Our service areas include Fort Worth, Arlington, Dallas, and surrounding DFW Metroplex areas.

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