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Smooth Walls & Ceiling In Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas Popcorn ceiling removal is one of the must do items in any remodel or update project. Scraping off your popcorn ceilings provides a very visible, and therefore profitable upgrade to your home or flip project. The task of removing an acoustic ceiling is not complicated but it is very hard […]

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Customer satisfaction is our main goal. Happy customers appreciate our commitment to quality and precision in our ceiling texture removal and drywall repair work. We are always available to provide free estimates, and you can even call us to get a quote on the cost of popcorn ceiling removal Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas. About Popcorn Ceiling […]

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Installing Recessed Lighting In Dallas/Fort Worth Updating your ceiling by removing the popcorn texture is a great time to install recessed can lighting. Reliability, dedication, and professional work are just a few of our values that our clients see in every aspect of the home remodeling process. We provide recessed lighting at affordable rates that […]